Crime Insurance

Crime insurance, also known as fidelity insurance, policies can cover employee:

  • dishonesty
  • forgery or alteration
  • computer fraud
  • funds transfer fraud
  • money and securities
  • money orders
  • counterfeit money coverage.

A well-executed crime policy will trigger in the event there is a theft or fraud, employee or 3rd party, of any of the above items crucial to any business. Crime policies vary heavily business to business, so having the ability to tailor exactly what you need makes crime insurance a must have.

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In today’s world, the risk of having a data breach has shifted from an “if” to a “when” risk. This is concerning when considering that roughly 78% of small-business owners do not have a cyber-attack response plan, even though roughly 54% have been victim to at least one type of cyber-attack. Cyber insurance protects a business’s liability when customer information is exposed via a criminal gaining access to a business’s computer systems. Any client information stored on a server, hard drive or other storage vehicle is constantly at risk of being taken regardless of software security. In the event of a breach a well-executed Cyber policy can trigger to cover conflict resolution, customer notification, credit monitoring services, public relations expense and business interruption while your network is down. With the increasing importance of computers into every aspect of business, cyber insurance is at the cutting edge of protection for your company.

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